End of year review 4/4: Me in 2020

As we leave the longest night of the year behind us, we can now look forward to lighter days ahead. After looking back on successes, struggles and the status quo, my month of reflection is now coming to an end with a meditation on what tomorrow brings.

So take some time out of your busy Christmas schedule to think deeply about these 10 questions and what their answer might be for you. Allow your imagination to wander freely and listen to the voice of your inner truth. 

  1. Imagine yourself in 12 months time. Where do you want to be, what will you be doing, who will you be with?
  2. What is important about this goal to you, your life, your work, your loved ones?
  3. What would success look like if you were fearless and had unlimited resources to work on this goal? 
  4. What will be the toughest thing you’ll have to change to achieve this goal or dream? 
  5. What other obstacles do you expect to face and how do you plan to handle them?
  6. What would you most regret if you didn’t achieve your goal in the year ahead? 
  7. If this failure was trying to give you something positive, what would that be? 
  8. What is one small step that you could take in the next few days to make a start towards your goal? 
  9. How would your life be transformed if you took this step right now? 
  10. If you knew someone else in your situation, what three things would you recommend they do?

That’s it! 

10 questions opening up countless new paths and opportunities for a more fulfilled and purposeful life in 2020.

Do spend some time putting your answers into writing so that this can be your manifesto for 2020. I recommend that you also print off the page and hang it up somewhere where you can see it on a daily basis. This will make your 2020 goal more tangible and achievable, as you will have a constant reminder to stay on track when you hit a roadblock or a dip in motivation.

May your year end and begin with a celebration of light, joy and special moments with your loved ones.

Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2020 to you!

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